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Bulldog TR68 - Simple to fit and packed with features
Bulldog TR68 Tracker

The Bulldog TR68 GPS Tracker is a small but fully featured GPS tracker with full battery back up, that utilises your vehicle OBD (On Board Diagnostics) socket to provide power plus other key triggers that the tracker utilises. You can be PRO-ACTIVELY alerted via mobile app push notification if your property moves.

The TR68 is fitted in a matter of seconds, is fully portable and using inbuilt features and data obtained from your vehicle allows you to monitor driver behaviour, drivng style, speed, rest breaks and much much more. Using our OBD Extender Cable the TR68 can be located under the dashboard away from the OBD socket allowing for an even more discrete tracking experience.

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Good to Know...

The Bulldog TR68 may be small in size, take less than 20 seconds to fit, can monitor driver behaviour, is fully portable with back up battery, it also has a small price tag so there's no reason why you wouldn't put one in every car, van or lorry 

The TR68 can be used to alert you of position via our MS03 tracking platform which offers the ability to track and report using a range of variables such as speed, driver rest periods, vehicle maintenance, travel time, mileage and many more.

The TR68 is unbeatable and is one of our best sellers due to being feature packed, fully portable and quick deployment.  With an internal GPS and GSM there is no additional wiring to be undertaken and is easily hidden under the dashboard. 

Unlike almost every other tracker where you need to buy additional wire's, SIM cards, gizmo's or gadgets to get up and running, the Bulldog TR68 has been designed with you in mind and includes everything needed to be tracking in no time. Simply take the TR68 out of the box, plug it into your OBS socket and that's it. It is fully preconfigured and ready to start tracking. Register for use with our MS03 tracking service and you'll open up a whole world of tracking capability as well as free remote support and configuration of your tracker to meet your exact needs.

Remember, if you don't want to install it yourself, why not take advantage of our Installation Service available available via our nationwide fitting service.


The Bulldog TR68 allows you to track your property whenever you want and in a convenient way for you.

  • Smartphone app: download the tracking app from your app store and track in real time** The TR68 is preconfigured to work with our MS03 tracking platform for a feature rich tracking experience,
  • PC: log in to our tracking portal for full details of where your car, caravan or motorhome is and the history of your tracking

Driver behaviour and compliance monitoring. As a fleet owner / manager it is imperative that drivers take the correct rest breaks and for the correct period of time as fatigue can kill. The TR68 can be programmed with the maximum driving time as well as minimum rest periods and reports can be run on these parameters to ensure compliance as well as prove that you as a fleet manager are correctly monitoring your drivers. 

Remote Listen In. The TR68 allows you to listen into the environment within the vehicle which is useful in the event of vehicle theft.

SOS Button built into the TR68 to allow the driver to quickly summons help in the event of emergency.

Driver behaviour and compliance monitoring. As a fleet owner / manager it is imperative that drivers take the correct rest breaks and for the correct period of time.  The Bulldog TR68 GPS Tracker can report on these variables plus many more factors to ensure your driver remain safe on the road.

Be alerted if your vehicle is moved. The TR68 not only lets you track your property, but can pro-actively alert you if it starts to move away from where you left it. Alerts are sent via push notification to your smartphone app. 

Built in SIM card which accesses all compatible mobile phone networks across the UK and Europe. 

Uses the very latest in GPS receiver technology, the TR68 can provide a location accurate to just 10m*.

Built in lithum battery to provide power to your tracker in the event that the power supply to the tracker is cut, removed or runs out.

Battery alerts. If your TR68 built in battery starts to run low or is unplugged from the vehicle, you will be sent a push notification so you can take corrective action.

Full Specification...

For the full specification on the TR68, download the full data sheet by clicking here

Install your TR68 in less than 30 seconds...

* Subject to GPS and mobile network coverage
** Small monthly charge applies
*** Subject to acess to GPS satellites

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