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Bulldog TR68 - The Ultimate quick deployment, plug and play tracker

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The Bulldog TR68 GPS Tracker is a small but fully featured GPS tracker with full battery back up, that utilises your vehicle OBD (On Board Diagnostics) socket to provide power plus other key triggers that the tracker utilises. You can be PRO-ACTIVELY alerted via mobile app push notification of important events,

The TR68 is fitted in a matter of seconds, is fully portable and using inbuilt features and data obtained from your vehicle allows you to monitor driver behaviour, drivng style, speed, rest breaks and much much more. Using our OBD Extender Cable the TR68 can be located under the dashboard away from the OBD socket allowing for an even more discrete tracking experience.

For simplicity in fitting, ease of use and detailed reporting the TR68 is your number One choice in GPS Tracking for cars, fleets and lorries.

All the features you need in One tracker...

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Your company and brand can be directly impacted by your driver's behaviour and as a fleet owner / manager it is imperative that you monitor driver compliance taking the correct rest breaks and for the correct period. The TR68 can be programmed with the maximum driving time as well as minimum rest periods and reports can be run on these parameters to ensure compliance as well as prove that you as a fleet manager are correctly monitoring your drivers.

The TR68 may be small but allows you to listen into the environment within the vehicle which is useful in the event of vehicle theft whilst the inbuilt SOS Button will allow your driver to quickly summons help in the event of emergency.

The Bulldog TR68 is ideal for tracking...

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Tracking App

Available for Apple iOS and Google Android handsets, our tracking app is the perfect companion for your tracker:

Unlike many other tracker providers we don't limit how many people can access the tracker via the app, so all the family can now enjoy peace of mind in receiving alerts and notifications all using One log in.

Tracking App

The Bulldog TR68 Tracker contains a special European multi-network SIM card which ensures your tracker stays online and in touch wherever you are.*

Multi-User Capability

If you own more than one Bulldog Tracker you can view all your trackers on one app and control all trackers via One log in.

One Year Warranty

The Bulldog TR68 Tracker costs just £199 and then an all inclusive monthly payment from just £8.40. No hidden costs or surprises, just straight forward pricing.

One Year Warranty

As you would expect from Bulldog Tracking, we offer a one year warranty on all our trackers plus support to help you set up and manage your tracker.


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Data Specification

*Subject to GPS, mobile network coverage and up to 5 minute delay between location updates

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