our TR21, where tracker meets smart lock

The Bulldog TR21 GPS Tracker and electronic locking solution is the ultimate self contained robust and high powered tracker with built in electronic locking cord. The IP67 casing has no external buttons and is able to withstand harsh environments and prolonged use in the most demanding environments.

The integrated locking cord is locked in placed within the tracker unit and released by way of RFID tag or via remote command from our tracking platform or smartphone app. All actions undertaken on the lock are quickly relayed back to you so you can establish when the lock was released, where and by whom plus the exact GPS co-ordinates. Whilst primarily designed for door lock management in various land and sea transportation units such as box trucks, trailers and containers, the TR21 is able to secure any device that needs locking, disabling or monitoring.

The TR21 has security and reliability built in with any attempt to tamper with the tracker or cut the locking cord being reported back as an alarm to the end user. The inbuilt 14,000 mAh battery gives up to 78 days usage and simple magnetic fast charging function means the TR21 can spend months on the road and just hours being charged.

Using inbuilt sensors, the TR21 can detect movement / vibration to prolong battery life so when the trailer or other asset is stationery the tracker sleeps. Once movement is detected the TR21 wakes up and starts transmitting critical data.

Unlike almost every other trackers where you need to buy additional wire's, SIM cards, gizmo's or gadgets to get up and running, the Bulldog TR21 has been designed with you in mind and includes everything needed to be tracking in no time.

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metres, GPS accuracy


mAh battery built in


water resistant




ways to unlock, RFID tag or smartphone


days battery life

112 x 195 x 37 mm

perfectly formed and compact design

Expert view

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An awesome combination
“The TR21 brings together a remote operated smart lock with a rugged tracker, to deliver an all in one, tracking and access management solutions. Take the guess work out of who has accessed a shipping container, trailer or any other storage area. All access is closely monitored and reported with exact details of location and who released the lock.”
Ideal for tracking and access managing....
“Containers, trailers, storage rooms and any area locked area that need managing. The unique combination of tracker and locking solution means this tracker has been used to prevent clandestine access to trailers at ferry ports and save £'000's in fines.... interested ? Get in touch