Combining gps and smart lock technology

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Wouldn't it be great if there was a smartlock you could operate from your mobile phone and would let you know if anyone was tampering with it? Well, there is - The Bulldog TR21.

At a time when lorries, shipping containers and boat cargos are under increasing threat from thieves and being targeted by those involved in the horrific practice of people smuggling, new devices and techniques need to be employed by firms to ensure the integrity of their loads are not being breached.

Cargoes and containers on board ships and lorries on the road are extremely vulnerable and can provide easy pickings for thieves or an ideal opportunity for smuggling people into and around the country without detection.

What is the Bulldog TR21?

The TR21 is the latest secure locking device for the various modes of sea and land transportation such as containers, box trucks and trailers. It's a GPS smart lock which has the benefits of:

● Anti-tamper alert
● Real-time lock status monitoring
● Positioning accuracy within 2.5 metres
● Locking and unlocking via a mobile phone app or by using an RFID card swipe card
● Battery life of 78 days
● Anti-cut alert
● Operating in the harshest of environments
● Tracking by time interval, mobile phone and distance
● Speeding alert

Any locking and unlocking via the authorised swipe card will be detected by the TR21 and record the location, time and RFID card number - with all this information automatically passed to the server.

A buzzer beeps and a LED indicator comes on when the device unlocks after detecting the authorised command.

Laptop and Phone App

Integrating Locking

The Led indicator will be off and the buzzer beeps when the device is locked. Use of an unauthorised swipe card will result in the buzzer beeping twice and it will not be possible to lock or unlock the device. It is also possible to issue the locking and unlocking commands from a mobile phone app or website via GPRS.

In the case of tampering, an alert is activated when the back cover is opened or the outer casing is removed, the attempted use of an unauthorised swipe card to lock or unlock is detected or the lock rope is cut off.

For additional security, the TR21 can be used in conjunction with the Bulldog CT330 container lock, fitted with a plunge lock, which can be locked without the use of a key.

In Summary.....

The TR21 is another effective way Bulldog Trackers are working to ensure the safety and security of cargo and vehicles carrying it. It's smart technology adds another layer of security and is the ideal device for anyone shipping loads by land or sea.