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Bulldog TR35 - A FOUR year stand by time for the long haul
Bulldog TR35 Tracker

The Bulldog TR35 GPS Tracker is the ultimate long life, self contained, zero installation deployment tracker. Boasting a huge internal battery life the TR35 gives up to 4 years stand by time from just one charge. Easily attached to any metal object using two high powered magnets, the TR35 is manufactured from ABS and is IP66 rated for use in even the harshest environments.

Using inbuilt sensors, the TR35 can detect movement / vibration as well as if the magnets have been removed from the tracked object.

We believe the TR35 is the one of most rugged and durable trackers available and with up to 4 years stand by time is hard to match.

Use for:
Bulldog Tracking - Plant & Machinery

Good to Know...

The Bulldog TR35 is an IP66 rated tracker meaning it can be used in some of the most demanding environments. As with all Bulldog Trackers, we ensure that it is simple to use and can be fitted to virtually any metal object using inbuilt concealed high power industrial magnets.

The TR35 can be used to alert you via our MS03 tracking platform which offers the ability to track and report using a range of variables such as geofencing, speed, travel time, mileage and many more.

As a tracker the TR35 is an exceptional choice and rapid installation allows it to be used in anything from plant and machinery through to tracking shipping containers. The internal GPS antenna and no external wiring means it can be hidden virtually anywhere on the tracked object.

Unlike almost every other tracker where you need to buy additional wire's, SIM cards, gizmo's or gadgets to get up and running, the Bulldog TR35 has been designed with you in mind and includes everything needed to be tracking in no time. 


The Bulldog TR35 allows you to track in a way that best suits and is convenient for you*.

  • Smartphone app: download the tracking app from your app store and track in real time**
  • PC: log in to our premium tracking portal for full details of where your tracker is and has been

Be alerted if your TR35 moves from a defined area. The TR35 not only lets you track your property, but can pro-actively alert you if it starts to move outside a predefined area called a geo-fence. Alerts are sent via push notification to your smartphone app.

Built in SIM card which accesses all compatible mobile phone networks across the UK and Europe.

Uses the very latest in GPS receiver technology, the TR35 can provide a location accurate to just 10m***.

Full Specification...

For the full specification on the TR35, download the full data sheet by clicking here 

Installation in less than 4 Seconds... don't blink !

* Battery life is determined by how you track the device
** Location data may be delayed depending on update frequency
*** Subject to acess to GPS satellites

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