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Installing a vehicle tracker is one of the most cost effective and user-friendly ways to safeguard your vehicle and provide 24/7 peace of mind. Bulldog vehicle GPS water-resistant trackers can be installed into most vehicles including cars, motorcycles, tractors, quadbikes, to name a few. They provide a discrete way to enable you to monitor the exact GPS location and real-time movements of your property via our smartphone app on your mobile phone or online via the Bulldog Tracking Portal.

In addition to providing information on the location of your vehicle, you can also set up a virtual perimeters (geo-fences) which if crossed by your vehicle will send you a push notification to your smartphone to alert you. Our trackers have a number of innovative features which take security and driver safety to new levels. For example the alert option can be set up to notify you if the vehicle exceeds a pre-set speed.

Bulldog TR36 Tracker Bulldog TR36 Tracker

The Bulldog TR36 GPS Tracker is a hard wired fully featured GPS tracker with full battery back up, external GPS antenna for even greater monitoring accuracy as well as the ability to be expanded to include remote engine cut off; starting of engine by authorised users only plus full expansion into an alarm system for your motorhome, caravan or lorry

Ideal for: Cars, Vans, Lorries, Motorhomes and Caravans
Tracking: Small monthly fee
Fitting: Yes via our installation service
Expandable: Yes, to include intruder alarm or engine cut off

Bulldog TR68 Tracker Bulldog TR68 Tracker

Self contained, battery back up and utilises the OBD socket to provide criticla data to the tracker on your vehicle. Track via smartphone app and enjoy enhanced features and notifications.
Ideal for: All vehicles with OBD socket
Tracking: Small monthly fee
Fitting available: Self fit in 30 seconds
Expandable: No

Bulldog BD1 Tracker Bulldog BD1 Tracker

The BulldogOne GPS Tracker is our latest feature packed and smallest GPS tracker and includes everything you need from a tracking service. With easy connection options you can install it in no time in your car, motorhome, caravan, motorbike, quadbike, name it, the BulldogOne is exceptionally versatile and easy to fit.

Ideal for: Any vehicle
Tracking: Yes, online and via app
Fitting: Self fit or fitting available
Expandable: Yes

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