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Theft of plant and machinery is seen as an easy target due to traditionally poor security of these items. Many tractors have the same key and where keys do differ they are of low security due to the limited number of key "differs"

Plant is often left for long periods in remote locations, on unmanned building sites or in locations where it can be easily taken. Replacing stolen plant and machinery costs from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds, not to mention the loss in time and productivity.

Bulldog offers self contained battery powered heavy duty trackers and hardwired trackers that can be expanded to include remote fuel cut off or restricting starting the plant to authorised personnel only.

In addition to providing information on the location of your vehicle, you can also set up a virtual perimeters (geo-fences) which if crossed by your vehicle will send you an email and / or push notification to your smartphone to alert you. 

Tracker Options:
Bulldog Tracking - TR36Bulldog Tracking - TR35

Trackers built for the most demanding environments ...

In addition to the vehicle tracking and the alert option, some of our vehicle trackers can enable you to control your vehicle remotely, for example by cutting off the fuel supply if plant is stolen or not returned if you have hired it out. 

Our trackers are water-resistant and built to withstand temperature extremes and harsh environments. With a European wide multi-network SIM pre-installed you will be tracking in no time at all.

Bulldog TR36 Tracker Bulldog TR36 Tracker

An expandable tracking solution that gives flexibility to add an intruder and panic alarm or engine cut off. Track via smartphone app and enjoy enhanced features and notifications.

Ideal for: Tractors, quadbikes and agricultural machinery
Tracking: Small monthly fee
Fitting available: Yes for a fee within 50 miles of Bulldog Head Office
Expandable: Yes, to include temperature sensing, authorised start, fuel sensor and remote engine cut off.

Bulldog TR35 Tracker Bulldog TR35 Tracker

An exceptionally durable ABS encased IP66 rated tracker. Deployed in just seconds and offering battery life up to four years. Track via smartphone app and enjoy enhanced features and notifications.

Ideal for: All standalone application with no external power needed
Tracking: Small monthly fee
Fitting: Self install in just a few seconds
Expandable: No

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