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At Bulldog Tracking we draw upon over 30 years experience in security manufacturing and design to provide you real time tracking solutions to monitor the precise location of your family, vehicles, property or assets. Our ability to track is limited only by your imagination. We offer a wide range of cost effective professional GPS trackers to meet personal or professional needs, whether you want to monitor the whereabouts of a loved one or a fleet of a 1000 vehicles in order to improve customer satisfaction and reduce fuel costs.

Unlike many tracking solution providers, Bulldog Tracking believe that we must manage the entire customer experience from supplying and fitting trackers, to tracking solutions and cost effective mobile network connectivity. Our long held passion for designing and delivering the best in security means that we control every aspect of your tracking solution regardless of whether you need a single tracker in a caravan or want to ensure the security of a large haulage fleets.

Bulldog Tracking ... Delivering on over 30 years of security excellence

Solutions for all your tracking needs
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Bulldog Tracking - Fleet
Bulldog Tracking - Vehicles
Bulldog Tracking - Plant
Bulldog Tracking - Caravan and Motorhome
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"Feature packed for your peace of mind"
  • All trackers come pre-installed with gps|SIM CARD
  • All trackers come pre-installed with back up battery
  • From 1 to 1000 trackers, we have a solution for you
  • Remote driver identification and vehicle immobilsation
  • Ensure compliance to speed limits and driving efficiency
  • FREE Smart App available for all trackers
  • Trackers work across over 60 countries world wide
  • Hard wired or battery only solutions
  • Create alarms for movement outside a pre-defined boundary
  • Free UK based support services

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If you have any questions regarding our tracking products, solutions or how we can help you with your tracking needs, simply get in touch and we'll give you the answers.

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